Manuel Puig i Genís was born in Vic the 9th of January 1868 in a family of traders

Since very early age he stood out for his skill at drafting.




When he was 14 he moved to Barcelona to join the Fine Arts Academy. In order to earn the necessary money he worked in an embroydery company during weekdays and in a well known pastry shop on Saturdays and Sundays.

With the money he earned and the help of a sponsor he managed to join the Fine Arts Academy. He pursued the most advanced studies under the greatest teachers  of the time: Lorenzale, Rigalt, Caba... He allways got the highest grades.

In 1889 he submitted his painting “Judas desperation” to a contest organized by the regional government. He won the First Prize which included a grant to move to Madrid. There he studied and reproduced the works of the great masters in the Prado Museum. He also joined San Fernando Fine Arts Royal Academy were he took lessons from, among other teachers, Federico Madrazo, who granted him the highest qualification.

Given his excellent qualifications he got an extension to his grant to stay in Madrid. At the same time he won again a first price from the Barcelona Regional Government. This included a grant to study in Rome. There he again obtained high marks an an extension of the grant.

After that he returned to Spain by sea. But the steamer almost sunk  and sailed out of control around the Mediterranean Sea for four distressing days. He finally landed in Sardinia island.


His next aim was to move to Paris. But he was interrupted by his father's death which forced him to move back to his home town to care for his mother and young brothers.

With his brilliant background he obtained many assignments and developed a career that lasted more than 75 years.


His life very eventful, so it is impossible to compress in all into the limited space of this webpage. The Foundation is currently working with specialists in  Art History preparing a biography with his full data and works to be published soon. 

In te following we record the main milestones in his life.