The Puig Genis Foundation was created on the  12 th of July ,2015, at the initiative of the grandchildren of the painter MANUEL PUIG GENIS (1868-1957), who contribute the necessary resources for the constitución and donate to the Fundatión, witch is a non-profit entity. 


The Main goal of the foundation is to list, promote, preserve, display and, in general, to spread the knowledge of the distinguished painter Manuel Puig Genis' works. A complementary objective of the foundation is to hold and display any artistic works of other either classic or modern painters, particularly those of Manuel Puig Genis contemporaries and  joung promisign artists.



The Foundation beneficiaries are, basically,  the mankind and, particularly, Spain's population.



The Foundation is registered in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport Registry as of the 13 th of October 2015 Ministerial Order. Entry # 1768.  Government Official Bulletin # 262, Monday t 2nd of Novembre 2015.


With official recognition of “the general interest of its purpose”.